Green field

A six months project, delivering an MVP portal for a major European energy client (under NDA).

Experience strategy and research

Working very closely with Product & Experience team on the client side, I have led a customer centric discovery process through requirements validation, design, prototyping and user research.

The work entailed:

-  Requirements validation: I managed the process of prioritising and agreeing an already established set of requirements, identifying the research and testing needs.

- Design and prototyping: Leading a small team of designers, I led the design and prototyping of two main journeys of the product

- Research: I planned and moderated one-to-one, face-to-face and remote user testing sessions. I then led the analysis of the findings, providing recommendations and presenting to client.

- Iterations and final delivery: I led the design iteration phase, delivering a final output to feed into the product launch.


Agile programme development (MVP)

Leading a team of six UX and product designers, I led the design of the web portal. The work involved strategy and design. I have identified opportunities to differentiate with experience and shift customer behaviour in a sector that it typically very traditional and customer 'unfriendly'. I am very proud of this project, and of my handover deck of 100 pages :)