Revolutionising Data Analytics

In the span of six weeks, and using the double diamond design approach, I led the delivery of an innovative product in the data analytics space. Due to confidentiality constraints, the name of the client is not mentioned.

Six weeks from concept to delivery

Working very closely with a spectacular Product team on the client side, I have implemented and led a customer centric process from research to delivery.

The work entailed:

- Research: crafting and facilitating interviews 

- Persona building: based on the outcome of the research phase

- Requirements gathering: mapping requirements based on the research and using a customer centric approach was probably the most challenging part of this project. I was lucky to work with a very flexible and creative client who believed in my expertise and allowed me to help in redefining the product. Together, we completely transformed it from a very basic knowledge share tool to a niche social platform, offering a ground breaking and revolutionary product in the data analytics space

- Design: leading a team of UX/UI designers I delivered a full working prototype ready for market testing and proof of concept.