Elevating Customer Experience

During my time with Beyond in San Francisco, I led the Experience Design for existing clients, as well as pitching for new clients. I have helped winning a few new accounts. I also managed the Experience Design team, created the career growth and rubric for them that was built on specific focus areas for both, individual contributors as well as manager.

In addition to project and client work, I helped shape the career growth path and rubric for the Experience Design team, taking into account both tracks, Individual Contributors, as well as managers.

I’ve chosen two projects that I led to showcase in this section:

1. Referral Exchange

Referral Exchange is a lead management service and the largest nationwide referral network with 140k + members. We were approached to reimagine and improve their main acquisition channel. Working with the team from pitch to delivery, I led the experience strategy and design for the project.


Experience and design strategy and pitch

Selected designs


2. Wellness platform ideation pitch

I led the experience and design strategy of a personalised integrated wellness profile for a major retailer client.

Includes: health results, medications, meal planning, meal and/or grocery delivery, rewards, services history, personalised recommendations.

Experience and design strategy and pitch


3. Career growth path and rubric

I’ve created a defined career path for my team to set their growth within the agency and help them set their goals in a more controlled and clear way. For individual contributors and managers, the system clearly demonstrated their scope based on their level, and their skills were mapped against relevant focus areas.

Career Path Deck