What I've achieved


My most important achievement over the course of my 15 month consulting contract as the Head of Experience design at Travelex was establishing Experience Design not only as the main differentiator for our products, but also within the organisation by educating different teams about the importance of quality and coherence from a customer perspective. This involved a great deal of communication as well as hiring the right design team and structuring it in a way that supported what we were trying to create. 


I managed the team of Interaction, Service and Visual Designers, User Researchers, and Content Strategists and restructured it, shifting from a 'designer per product' to a 'designer per work stream' model. This gave each team member the opportunity to bring their acquired knowledge to all products and improved consistency and speed.


I led the Experience Design team through the launch of new and major products updates. Supercard and the Money App were launched/updated in June-September 2016, showcasing our team's world class design thinking and innovation. Wire was launched early 2017. 



Travelex Wire


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