Green field

In the span of four weeks, I led the discovery phase of an green field project in the energy space. Due to confidentiality constraints, the name of the client is not mentioned.

Four weeks of experience strategy and research

Working very closely with Product & Experience team on the client side, I have led a customer centric discovery process through requirements validation, design, prototyping and user research.

The work entailed:

-  Requirements validation: I managed the process of prioritising and agreeing an already established set of requirements, identifying the research and testing needs.

- Design and prototyping: Leading a small team of designers, I led the design and prototyping of two main journeys of the product

- Research: I planned and moderated one-to-one, face-to-face and remote user testing sessions. I then led the analysis of the findings, providing recommendations and presenting to client.

- Iterations and final delivery: I led the design iteration phase, delivering a final output to feed into the product launch.