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I am a Customer Experience Director. I help agencies and clients set up design teams and processes of working, and ensure that customer experience principles are embedded into the DNA of the organisation. I mentor designers and researchers from discovery to delivery. I enjoy getting my hands dirty and I'm hands on in solving design problems with my team.

Currently available for consulting freelance work, product discovery workshops, mentoring and training in London and San Francisco. Visit the About Me page to learn about the services I offer.


Experience design

Design is my passion and my comfort zone. It has to start with an accurate problem definition, which I believe is where most businesses fail. Quite often design teams are wrongly directed to solve problems that don't exist in the mind of the consumer. This is what I focus on, solving the right problem for the customer.



Experience strategy and conceptualisation are integral to what I do. I think about the customer journey across touch-points. It’s not about snazzy interfaces and sleek transitions but about considering every detail in the journey. This is what affects perception of the product and the brand as a whole.


Design Leadership

Leading design teams is not a walk in the park. Designers need a special set of skills in a leader to help them grow and flourish. I strive to create flexible, supportive environments with as little hierarchy as possible. I have led diverse teams of designers who have influenced me and my approach to management. 


My clients


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Below are some highlights of my last year's work

What I've achieved


My most important achievement over the course of my 15 month consulting contract as the Head of Experience design at Travelex was establishing Experience Design not only as the main differentiator for our products, but also within the organisation by educating different teams about the importance of quality and coherence from a customer perspective. This involved a great deal of communication as well as hiring the right design team and structuring it in a way that supported what we were trying to create. 


I managed the team of Interaction, Service and Visual Designers, User Researchers, and Content Strategists and restructured it, shifting from a 'designer per product' to a 'designer per work stream' model. This gave each team member the opportunity to bring their acquired knowledge to all products and improved consistency and speed.


I led the Experience Design team through the launch of new and major products updates. Supercard and the Money App were launched/updated in June-September 2016, showcasing our team's world class design thinking and innovation. Wire was launched early 2017. 



Travelex Wire


TVX- supercard.png

Read some testimonials below

Ruby is an excellent team director: enthusiastic for the craft, encouraging of talent and insight, clear-eyed about her purpose. More important still, she is a fierce proponent of user values and reaches beyond the best-practice decisions to design a more fulfilling experience. I would be lucky to work with her again.
— Jenny Wrobel, Experience Designer @ Infusion New York
Ruby joined us at Travelex at a time when we were undergoing significant change. Having hired a diverse set of disciplines to help take Travelex in new directions, the Experience Design team needed a dedicated leader and manager, and clarity of thought to structure design thinking. We needed to raise the bar to ensure a coherent customer experience across products and channels.

Ruby restructured and led the team, instilling solid practices to unite thinking, introduced the right tools and re-shaped ways of working that have significantly increased quality, speed and decision making - all of which will help define Travelex as a brand that is current and knows how to speak to its customer.

Ruby is generous with her time for the team, whilst always demanding the best. She is clear in her vision, doesn’t compromise on quality and is always willing to challenge and question decisions to make the product better. It never ceases to amaze me how she can retain so much detail and effortlessly piece elements of a puzzle together articulately - to turn complex concepts into simple and compelling outcomes.

She has an incredible eye for detail and an unmatched ability to provide logical thought that always puts the team a step ahead. Ruby’s approach to work is highly collaborative, bringing together relevant stakeholders from across the business to help define the customer journey by creating a common language and refined approach.

With Ruby on the team, the team works better and the products are better. I am thrilled that she continues to be a significant part of the change we are championing at Travelex.
— Rakhi Rajani, Digital Transformation, Innovation and Omnichannel Customer Experience Executive
Ruby is awesome. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her over the past 9 months at Travelex. Her passion in creating the right customer experience, her diligence in the detail, and her leadership of the design team has changed how Travelex build and launch new experiences and products.

Ruby has the right character, right attitude and right presence to make customer experience really matter in any organisation in which she works.
— Colin Swain Head of Money Transfer at Travelex
Ruby is able to totally reframe complex products & services and make them simple and well considered.

She has a very open mind to Change and can be a very compelling catalyst for doing things better, especially when dealing with large teams and client organisations.

The inherent challenges in building effortless user-experiences across web and mobile interfaces are a normal-day at the office for Ruby and I’d recommend her very highly to anyone looking for a passionate, hard-working and creative UX-er.
— Marc Giusti, Founder @ Pivot. Business Transformation. CDO. CXO. Non Exec
It has been a pleasure to work with Ruby, she is very helpful as a manager and mentor to guide me on personal development. She is also a very experienced designer, who has strong strategic thinking and vision in terms of product design and development, and great attention to detailed design.
— Xi (Rosie) Zhu, Senior interaction designer at Travelex
Ruby joined the Platform Design team at Canonical at a critical point in a very complex project with tight deadlines and in a hostile environment. She was very professional and her outcomes were excellent, well thought through and executed. Ruby delivered always on time. She is a great addition to any team.
— Yolanda Martin Olivas, UX & Design Director
Very much enjoyed working with Ruby, she is hard working and always tries to create the best product for the customer. She has a strong eye for detail and good logic to back up her decisions. Am looking forward to working with her again in the future.
— Alex Ward, Freelance UX/UI Designer
I had the privilege to work with Ruby for a three month long redesign project. She is very passionate and hard working with a first-class eye for detail. None of my minute mistakes made it past her! She is also highly articulate about her work when talking to clients and very able to translate her ideas into sketches and those into prototypes. Her wide experience in media gives her a really good vision of how user experience fits in the big picture of digital projects. As a manager she is demanding yet understanding and sympathetic, making her a really good mentor.
— Oscar Lozano, User Experience Designer at Burberry

What I am looking for


I am available for consulting contracts at the moment. The kind of roles I consider are heading customer experience teams where I can bring my knowledge in setting up and advocating customer centricity to the DNA of organisations and businesses. If you are an agency or a client who wants to transform their teams and products, and implement a coherent experience for your customers across all channels and touch points, get in touch and let's discuss over a cup of coffee.